Boshang is an international business entity engaging in providing O2O enterprise software products, e-commerce solutions, big data analyses, cloud platform services, industrial design, graphic design, and information technology professional services to its customers globally. Boshang’s core O2O enterprise information management platform integrates with ERP, ERM, E-commerce web applications, Mobile applications and WeChat applications.

Our team is comprised of engineers who have long term work experience on developing globe enterprise information system [EIS] and industrial design. Our team members hold on average 10 years of professional experience in the IT field across the globe in U.S.A, Canada, China and Japan.

The development of our O2O chain enterprise management platform, B9 series, began in 2012. It was released after 1 year and followed by annual update versions. B9 series is currently providing processing solutions for several chain corporations that have regional branches and over 200 chain stores, and company own franchise stories. The B9 platform is kept up to date on feature enhancements.

Boshang is currently developing the F4 series, which includes free e-commercial web and mobile applications, which aims to target the e-commerce market. Moreover, Boshang will be delivering more e-commerce community based software products in the near future.

  • B9 Platform
  • B9 SCM
  • B9 CRM
  • B9 Call Center System
  • B9 Financial Management
  • B9 Information Center
  • B9 OA
  • B9 Mobile Assistant
  • App Store
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